Friday, November 27, 2009

La Sportiva Venom Climbing Shoe

La Sportiva uses a Vibram Web Rubber toe cap on the Venom Climbing Shoes to give them an benefit above other slippers for ultra-steep boulder troubles and sport climbs. This mesh cover presents excellent toe-hooking performance without inhibiting breathability on hot days. Slip into these unlined precision shoes and take full benefit of their down-turned toes for big roofs. The Venom Climbing Shoes use Vibram XS Grip rubber soles to keep you glued to the smallest dime edges and horrendous smears.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Kahtoola Microspikes ....

Lightweight and economical, this pocket-sized traction system stands up to slippery terrain. This grippy, durable, slip-on traction system features strategically placed stainless steel spikes connected to a dynamic flex-chain with a tough elastomer shoe harness.

  • Ideal for walking, hiking and running on snow-packed trails
  • Securely attaches to running shoes, lightweight hikers, everyday shoes, and snow boots

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Climbing Gloves ...

Climbing Gloves

Climbing Gloves: Get all of your fingers' usual deftness with the 3-4 length fingers with two times stitching at the openings synthetic main body wicks moisture and keeps your fingers cool in long, hot routes you needn't be gentle with this glove's cowhide main body that features triple-stitched, split cowhide palm reinforcements at natural wear areas When you take them off, clip them to your harness by the bar-tacked webbing clip-in loop condition.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Climbing Accessories....

Discount Climbing Gear provide each and every one products of climbing accessories you will need during your climbing trips like. Chalks, Chalk Bags, Climbing Holds & Accessories, Climbing Tapes in latest varieties like Chalk Socks, Chalk Balls, Liquid Chalks, Chalk Bag Belts, Women's Chalk Bags, Bucket Bags, Shoulder Bags, Garbage Bags, Fashion Chalkbags, Bugles, Foundation Holds, Hold Sets, Power Grips, Footholds, Tilt Set, Hangboards, 10' Climbing Walls, 8' Climbing Walls, Flag Sets, Climbing Holds, Wood Grips, T-Wrench, Weeble Boards, Military 100 MPH Duct Tapes and other Accessories at discount prices.

Men's & Women's Climbing Apparel....

Climbing ApparelMens and womens climbing apparel with discount.
Discount Climbing Gear is an one and only one online climbing specialty store. We have provide guarantee to offer only the very best mens and womens climbing Apparel from valuable brands. We are provides stylish, fit and comfortable apparels and more like backpacks, dog backpacks, dog Packs, rainwears, raincover, frame Packs, long and short sleeve shirts, cargo shorts, shoulder straps, jackets, fabric lumbar packs, T-shirts, short sleeve T-shirts, camera bags, pants, bag belts, wheeled travel packs, mojo shorts, sport tops, jackal pants, travel duffles, long and short sleeve tops, womens micro bikini, bras, wallets, hats, rain jackets and other Apparels at discount prices.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bucket bag granny bags...

Bucket Bag

Nylon / Poly / Cotton
Double-drawcord closure
Fleece chalk compartment
Velcro-closure stash pocket
Brush holder pockets

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Metolius Multi-Loop Gear SlingMetolius' classic ergonomic cut gives the user excellent freedom of movement while keeping the sling solidly in place. They achieve maximum comfort via laminated 600d polyester outer, die-cut closed-cell foam, and comfy Conlure? lining. Custom CNC aluminum buckle allows full adjustability for all models and poly tubing over the clipping area of the sling keeps carabiners from hanging up. Innovative multi-loop allows for distinct organization of your rack and the Double-D attachment upgrades either sling into a double-sided gear sling.Features:Innovative, multi-loop version of the Adjustable Gear Sling allows for more organization of gear The tubing covered loops are non-structural and are for gear racking only 4.4 oz. (125 g) Gear Slings are non-structural and are for gear racking only

Dry Climbing Rope

Dry Climbing Rope

Dynamic climbing rope :
Targeted specifically for rock climbers, this is a very durable, versatile rope for traditional rock and sport climbing, big walls and multi-pitch climbing. A thoroughly modern cord that offers compact size, low weight, high strength and guarantees the user the highest level of safety. Monster Rope Marker marking system weaves nylon fibers through the rope producing highly visible pink markers 10m / 30ft from the ends of the rope & 2 bright orange markers at the ropes middle.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lock Carabiner...

Lock Carabiner
Lock Carabiner :
Auto-locking system with lock indicator. Green button indicates when the gate is locked.
Resists accidental opening when locked. Easily opened with one hand
For connecting belay/rappel devices or use at the end of a lanyard
D-shape has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of all carabiner designs
Weight 2.6oz / 75g

Screwgate Carabiner...

Screwgate Carabiner
Screwgate Carabiner and Collection of Carabiners :
Black Diamond's lightest locking biner.
Versatile biner good for rigging or added security.
Workhorse biner due to its strength and durability
Only 2.0 oz.
Strength: Closed - 25 kN (5620 lbf); Strength: Open - 9 kN (2023 lbf); Strength: Minor Axis - 7kN (1574 lbf)

B3 Rock Shoe by Acopa..

205313 Features: Unlined leather uppers are comfortable and contouring on the long routes Anatomical outside edge for extra contact resistance Soft flex polymer midsole provides support while maintaining acrobatic mobility 42mm RS Rubber and a contoured rand to lock you onto the edges Specifications: Upper: Leather Lining: Unlined Last: Slip-lasted Outsole: 42mm RS Rubber.

Montrail Magnet Climbing Shoe..

Magnet Climbing Shoe
Climbing Shoe :
Rest on a dime in your Montrail Magnet Climbing Shoe. These climbing shoes feature Montrail's stickiest rubber, Gryptonite HT, and thermo-moldable foam built into the upper so you can customize your fit. The Magnet's Gryptonite soles combine extremely high friction with hardness, so you stick to the rock face like, well, a magnet to metal, yet these soles will hold up to lots of wear. Montrail's thermo-moldable foam lets you get a superb tight fit, which will give you more power and better pressure distribution than the average climbing shoe. Heat them in an oven and then put them on to mold them or just allow them to mold to your feet over timeboth methods work. An edging platform under your forefoot enhances stability and power, a flexible heel lets you move and flex as needed to dance up that face, and the pointed toe lets you wedge into cracks and pockets.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Climbing Harnesses....

Climbing HarnesseClimbing Harnesses :

Discount Climbing Gear provide a lare range of collection of climbing harnesses. Without harnesses climbing is not possible. We have a spesially collection of well designed harnesses for mens and kids in perfect fiting. Discount Climbing Gear Provide latest collection of harnesses like Elite Adjustable Leg Loop Harness, Simba Harness, Voltige Chest Harnesses, Women's Harnesses, Coral Climbing Harnesses, Extraction Harnesses, Iris SA Harnesses, Lightweight Assault Harnesses, Venus Womens Harnesses and more at discount prices.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Climbing Helmet....

Climbing Helmet

Discount Climbing Gear provide helmet extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear in different level of colours, Size, Shapes with innovative designs. This helmet is very ergonomic, adapting to almost any head shape and offers two options for attaching a headlamp: a removable system-compatible mount (ADAPT), or clips. Adjustment buckles are placed to the side, away from the chin.

AVAILABLE COLOURS : Orange, White , Platinium

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Climbing Equipment During Rock Climbing

Climbing ropes typically consist of a core (kern) of long twisted fibres and an outer sheath (mantle) of woven coloured fibres (hence the term kernmantle construction). The core provides about 80% of the tensile strength, while the sheath is a durable layer that protects the core and gives the rope desirable handling characteristics. The ropes used for climbing can be divided into two classes: dynamic ropes and static ropes.

Dynamic ropes have a certain amount of elasticity and are usually used as belay ropes. When a climber falls, the rope stretches, reducing the maximum force experienced by both the climber and his equipment. Static ropes are much less elastic, and are usually used in anchoring systems. They are also used for abseiling (rappeling) as they reduce bounciness and make it easier for a person to descend.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sports Climbing

Sport climbing is a style of rock climbing that relies on permanent anchors fixed to the rock, especially bolts, for protection. Sport climbing places an emphasis on gymnastic ability, strength and endurance, while virtually eliminating the need to place protection while climbing.

Sport climbing can be undertaken with relatively little equipment. Equipment used in sport climbing includes:

* A dynamic rope
* Quickdraws
* A belay device
* Climbing harnesses for belayer and climber
* A few runners
* A helmet is recommended
* Climbing Shoes and chalk bag are normally used, although not technically necessary

Two quickdraws. The left side of the draws are clipped directly to the bolt. The rope will be clipped through the right side.
Two quickdraws. The left side of the draws are clipped directly to the bolt. The rope will be clipped through the right side.

To lead a sport climb is to ascend a route with a rope tied to the climber's harness, and with the loose end of the rope handled by a belayer. As each bolt is reached along the route, the climber attaches a quickdraw to the bolt, and then clips the rope through the hanging end of the quickdraw. This bolt is now protecting the climber in the event of a fall. At the top of sport routes, there is typically a two-bolt anchor that can be used to return the climber to the ground or previous rappel point.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Climbing Equipment

Climbing Equipment

The Climbing Gear Provides all products and equipment you will need during your climbing trips. The Climbing is discount climbing gear store. We supplies everything you need for your adventure such as Mountain Climbing, Rock Climbing and Ice Climbing at one stop. We offer Apparel, Footwear, Hardware, Ropes and Slings Protective Gear, Essential Gear, Harnesses, Climb Holds, Rock Shoes, Carabiners, Ice Tools & Accessories and other Equipments at discount prices from top brands.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Discount Climbing Gear

Climbing : is the activity of using one's hands and/or one's feet to ascend a steep object. It is pursued both recreationally, either to get to a destination otherwise inaccessible, or for its own enjoyment, and also professionally, as part of activities such as maintenance of a structure, or military operations.

Climbing activities include the following:

Mountain climbing : Ascending mountains for sport or recreation.

Rock climbing : Ascending rock formations, often with climbing shoes and a chalk bag. Equipmen such as ropes, bolts, nuts, hexes and camming devices are normally employed, either as a safeguard or for artificial aid.

Ice climbing : Ascending ice or hard snow formations using special equipment designed for the purpose, usually ice axes and crampons. Protective equipment is similar to rock climbing, although protective devices are different (ice screws, snow wedges).

Rope climbing : Climbing a short, thick rope for speed. Not to be confused with roped climbing, in rock or ice climbing.

Rock, ice, and tree climbing have a common feature: all three normally employ ropes for either safety or aid. Pole climbing and rope climbing were among the first exercises to be included in the origins of modern gymnastics in the late 18th century and early 19th century. The sport of Mountaineering usually requires rock and/or ice climbing.

Climbing Equipment :

A wide range of equipment is used during Rock climbing. The most popular types of climbing equipment are briefly described in this article. The article on protecting a climb describes equipment commonly used to protect a climber against the consequences of a fall.

Rope, Cord & Webbing : Climbing ropes typically consist of a core (kern) of long twisted fibres and an outer sheath (mantle) of woven coloured fibres (hence the term kernmantle construction). The core provides about 80% of the tensile strength, while the sheath is a durable layer that protects the core and gives the rope desirable handling characteristics.

Harness : A Harness is used for attaching a rope to a person. The majority of harnesses used in climbing are worn around the pelvis, although other types may be seen occasionally, such as chest and full body versions. Different types of climbing warrant particular features for harnesses. Sport climbers will typically use minimalistic harnesses, some with sewn-on gear loops. Alpine climbers will choose lightweight harnesses, perhaps with detachable leg.

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